Stonegate Manor, Benton Harbor, MI  Photo by John Correll Professional DJ Services

Relax on the open deck and enjoy the layered view of the lush grass, the field of wildflowers, the pond, the orchard, and then the eventual sunset. What a beautiful venue Hidden Vineyard is, with a picture perfect ceremony site.  Every Southwest Michigan venue has its own unique charm and history.  You may be from out of town, bringing your photographer with you, who may be unfamiliar with this area.  I would be happy to address all the charm and photo opportunities of your selected venue with you, even if you are not a client of mine. 


Although uncommon, an afternoon rainstorm can complicate your outdoor ceremony. Having a “plan “B” is always a good idea. Most all area venue staff are very good at transitioning seating and arrangements if such a condition does arise.  Having a DJ that is proactive,.... watching the weather, suggesting strategy, and willing to participate moving the ceremony site indoors (if necessary) would certainly help turn a chaotic event into a seamless operation. 

Hidden Vineyard Barn Berrien Springs, MI  Photos by John Correll Professional DJ Services



Timing is everything. From the grand entrance to a spectacular sparkler exit, all must be pre-planned and followed through via your professional DJ. Your DJ must be willing to co-ordinate this with the venue, as well as make sure your photographer is in place at all pivotal moments. Shown here are photos from the beautiful Shadowland Ballroom.

Shadowland Ballroom, St. Joseph, MI    Photo by John Correll Professional DJ Services


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Blue Dress Barn Benton Harbor, MI    Photo by John Correll Professional DJ Services

MillCreek Barns, Watervliet, MI  Photo by John Correll Professional DJ Services

The dance floor should have a lot of energy, but also allow for precious moments that speak for themselves.  Just a moment in time, without spinning or flashing lights or DJ dialog, can make a memory that will last a lifetime.  Shown is a heartwarming group dance with friends and family circled around the Bride & Groom at Millcreek Barns. 

Having DJ equipment, and running cords on the ground at a ceremony site may be a necessity. Having these items in your pictures is not.  Whenever possible, most, if not all DJ equipment should be out of sight, giving the photographer room to work their magic. Shown, the stunning, attention to every charming detail Fairy Garden at Stonegate Manor, with a wedding photographer free to take almost any (unobtrusive) angle.  For this event, I was setup partially in the forest, giving plenty of room for long entrance shots.

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